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South by southwest ’09 (colour)

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More South by southwest captions.


South By Southwest ’09 (black and white)

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Long time no see!

i spent a week in Austin’s SXSW this year and it was a great experience. Lovely city for live music.There was people giving free hugs, they gave one to me and suddenly i felt ready for rock and roll. Still don’t know what exactly were those “mice”guys doing but it was quite a funny image so i had to take it.

Barcelona Dances!

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I love to take my camera around Barcelona. It’s always a pleasure to spend a copule of days in my town. Take look, you might even like it and end up walking around this lovely city. And they really like dancing, they start at a really young age…

On tour pt. II …

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We’ve been doing some festivals this summer and these are the shots i took in Portugal. We went to the Paredes the Coura and this is what was happening during some of the concerts…

On tour…

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Four moments captured while being on tour with the Fountains of Wayne. Going on tour with them was really big fun and we played really cool venues. When you’re on tour usually you don’t get much time to take your camera out, but i still managed to take some pictures.

Dawn to dusk

My key rig

Jody shares a cig


All pictures by Martí Perarnau. 2008.

The eternal wait

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Have you ever thought of the amount of time we waste waiting to cross the street? When i turn 80 i guess i may have wasted one year of my life waiting for the light to turn green. Have patience, the new concept of modern life.

Photographs taken by Martí Perarnau. 2006.

Global warming is burning my car

Posted in photography on August 19, 2006 by Martì

It’s really disturbing how global warming it’s taking a main role in our lives. Five years ago we used to have very hot summers and very cold winters, it wasn’t perfect but at least we knew what to expect from the weather. But now, even the weather forecasters on TV are so confused they don’t even know what to say. Wednesday was warm, a perfect day to spend by the pool, but suddenly all changed in thursday, it wasn’t just a summerstorm, it was windy in a very Siberian style, and it has been like this for a few days now. The opposite happens in winter, suddenly one day you wake up, and you have to put your swimsuit on! Definitey, global warming is making weather believe in Carpe Diem.
This shots are from friday, it was getting better but still we were 20°, which compared to the 38° we are used to in summer, it isn’t that much.

Shots by Marti Perarnau. 2006